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Self adhesive, partial-bonded waterproofing membrane specifically designed for single layer system.

  • High resistance to cracking and puncturing, considerable elasticity due to the SBS elastomeric bitumen.
  • Reliable partial bonding due to factory-applied self-adhesive strips.
  • Easy and quick application: bonding by cold adhesion, finishing (final closure) by torching of the self-adhesive side-overlap.
  • More secure joints and better torch welding: selvedge fitted with scarified fusible film.
  • Available in different granule colour surfacing.
  • NOx-Activ depolluting membrane version available: with slate flake covered with Noxite (titanium dioxide).
Adesolo G

Main uses

Single layer system with self-finished surface for inaccessible roofs, curved roofs, sheds on substrates as follows (except, on wooden boarding and steeldeck, with slope > 3%):
  • concrete and masonry slab.
  • cellular concrete slab.
  • wooden boarding for external use.
  • steel deck.
  • old waterproofing.
  • suitable thermal insulation.


  • Single-layer membrane in SBS elastomeric bitumen.
  • Surfacing with mineral coloured granules or slates.
  • Underfacing with self-adhesive edges and strips, for partial bonding.
  • Protection of the underfacing by siliconised peel-off film.
  • Polyester composite reinforcement.
  • Thickness: 4 mm. 


Along the 12 cm wide side overlapping, a 4cm wide strip is cold-bonded by self-adhesion and the extra 8 cm wide lap is hot welded by torching.